Production Facilities

Drying facilities

We make herbals dried at temperature not more than 60 degree celcius to keep quality of products by controlling moisture of granules to protect fungi.

Rotary tablet press facilities

We use efficiency tablets pressed machines which can control weight variation,hardness of tablets during process,disintegration and friability of tablets.

Foil striping fill facilities

We fill tablets in foil strips to protect moisture and light for keeping quality of products which can check from stability data and result from getting leak test.

Clean room facilities

We manufacture cream and gel in clean room class 10,000 and control cleaning of staffs,clothes,machines and accessories for clean and quality products,In clean room controls pressure,temperature and relative humidity in each room.Moreover,we install Hepa Filter in each room to protect diseases from outdoor.

Vacuum Homogenizer facilities

We use vaccuum homogenized mixer for homogeneous cream and gel to completed dispersion of products and make products stabled and long shelflife.

Blister packing facilities

We fill tablets and capsules in PVDC and foils to protect moisture and light for keeping quality of products which PVDC can protect moisture better than PVC use with modern medicines.

Film coating facilities

We use film coated machines to protect moisture and light for keeping quality of tablets and make herbals acted to target organ.Moreover,make colour of herbals appetized.

Falling film evaporator for extract raw material

We use falling film evaporator removes ethanol out to more active ingredients and result in long stability of herbals,make herbals have long shelflife.

Automatic capsule filling facilities

We fill capsules by using automatic capsule filling machines which in capsule filling rooms control relative humidity to protect fungi and during process we check weight variation and disintegration of capsules.

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

We use automatic liquid filling machine for filling liquid products to glass bottles which can control volume follow requirement.

Automatic Cream/Gel Filling Machine

We use automatic ceam/gel filling machine for filling cream/gel products to aluminium tubes which can control weight follow requirement.